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Various suggestions (english)

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Hello, i am a new player on your server, and i've noticed there are a few things that could be improved on it.


 - weapon_air_spread_scale  weapon_air_spread_scale "0.00"

Remember when you could jump shoot with scout easily? Where shotguns always hit precise in the air? Well Valve added air spread patterns too. Setting this to 0 puts the value back to how they originially were, and makes it easier to hit in the air. This is not to be compared with Nospread!


 - [CS:GO] Always Weapon Skins 2.2.6


I'd like to be able to see the skins i've paid actual money for on your server. This plugin makes sure that's done.


Your rates are in yellow color which means you've probably set them too low. Try these.

sv_mincmdrate "102.4" //set depending on your tickrate! ( 64, 102.4, 128 )

sv_maxcmdrate "102.4" //set depending on your tickrate! ( 64, 102.4, 128 )


sv_minupdaterate "102.4" //set depending on your tickrate! ( 64, 102.4, 128 )

sv_maxupdaterate "102.4" //set depending on your tickrate! ( 64, 102.4, 128 )



The other day i spend roughly 30 minutes yelling at a player that was camping in a sky corner of surf_greatriver_xdre4m.

You have a rule which does not allow camping for more than 10 seconds, but if a player is able to abuse this by just repeating the same pattern, and be unhittable, it honestly ruins the idea of the rule, the experience on the map, and the fun of any player to play on your server while such specific action can be done.


So again, the camp problem is in the sky corners of xdream. If you're interested in changing this i have a few ideas of how you could do that.

Easy way: Make it a rule, that players are not allowed to abuse the sky corners on xdream, and on other maps. You could call this a rule exploit in a way.

Hard way: Set up trigger zones of each corner in sky, to either make players not able to shoot or use X weapons. frans1sco has made a trigger zone plugin, where it should be easy to find a plugin that handles this, otherwise pay a dev to quickly fix something for you.


Allow duckspamming


This used to be a thing back in CS:S, and it simply just allows you to spam crouch as crazy as you want to.


Ramp slope fix (from Momentum Mod)


Read the description on the site. You'd want this.


Banning for "sm plugins" in console?

Was playing on your server, and was having a discussion about the ground bugs on surf dust, and i needed to check if you were running movement unlocker (for good reasons) i ended up getting a 3 days ban on your server. 


So thank you for spitting me right in the face when a player is trying to help. Remember that 90% of all plugins that ANY server are running are 100% free from alliedmodders for a good reason. I understand why you don't wanna give "away" your recipie for your server, but honestly? If you want to disable players from seeing your plugins atleast have another plugin handling that for you, instead of punishing a player with an extreme 3 days ban.


Yes i am currently still banned for this, and i would not mind an unban.


Anything else?



But for now this should be enough to help progressing your server. I would also suggest you to change the command prefix in SM from / to ! again. Most players are used to !commands, and not the hidden / ones. It confuses more than it helps.

A english translation for this website wouldn't be too bad either. Afterall i am not from Poland, yet i am here writing this to you.



That's all for now.


Thanks for reading, hope you'll implement some, if not hopefully, all of the things mentioned above. 



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BReeZ problem of corner:

one player stood in the corner for 10 seconds, then flew somewhere for another few seconds and was flying back for 10 sec on the corner and do it of next 10 times .


solution is easy:

do new rule which would predict this case, and accordingly punish the player

and i'm thing that can repair the situation


to this commands i do not want to express myself.


pozdrawiam sapo

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